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White Wines

White wines cover a wide range of different tastes and colors.
From clear white colors to golden yellows, dry, sweet or semi-sweet, they are the wines that are defined by their light color, body, and complex taste.

A dry white (Queen of Wines) from the Chardonnay grape, which is known for producing some of the finest white wines in the world, and is also used to make champagne; this type of wine is widely known and produced internationally. Aromas of tropical fruit, pineapple, apple, lemon, oak. With smooth mouth feel

ne of the hardest wines to pronounce, yet one of the easiest to drink. A mildly sweet white wine that has a smooth taste and deep aroma, ideal for sensitizing the palate before a meal. Aromas of tropical fruit and spice. Very smooth mouth feel.

Pinot Grigio
A dry white from the Pinot Gris grape, Italy's most popular white wine, a mutation of the well-known Pinot Noir; taste varies from light and crisp to full and complex, based on where it is grown. Aromas of Grape, pear. Bright, smooth, light mouth feel.


Riesling is one of the wine world's "new" sweethearts, enjoying double-digit market growth and culinary affections worldwide. Reislings range from dry to sweet, but the Reisling grape tends to produce softer, fuller, fruitier wines, including ice wine, made from frozen grapes. Peach, citrus, apple aromas. Light, round mouth feel.

Sauvignon Blanc
A dry white from the Sauvignon Blanc grape, which comes from the French word sauvage, meaning wild; Sauvignon Blanc grapes are often blended with Sémillon grapes to mellow the intensity. Green fruit, grass, herbs, gooseberry, white asparagus aromas. Crisp mouth feel.

A dry, sweet white wine that is often blended with a Sauvignon Blanc--a wine with very opposite flavor--for a more rounded, balanced taste; also used in fine dessert wines. Ripe fruit, nuts, honey, orange peel aromas. Smooth mouth feel.


A dry white wine made from superior, rare grapes in the Rhône region of France; Viognier is best enjoyed before dinner. Apricot, fruit, floral, spice aromas. Smooth mouth feel.

White Zinfandel
A type of rosé or blush wine made from red Zinfandel grapes. It takes its rosy pink color from the grape skins that are quickly removed from the juice after the grapes are pressed. By removing the skins, the transfer of dark pigments is prohibited. The wine is then made using the same process as white wine. The flavor is slightly sweet and pairs nicely with cream based pastas, fish, and other light dishes.

White Wine Tasting 101 Video:  by Le Gourmet TV

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